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Who’s Behind Real Estate on Purpose?

2 successful agents
48 years of combined experience
1 simple mission.

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We believe the purpose of having a real estate business is to pay the bills and make you happy.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? The reason you went into business for yourself was to do things the way you wanted to do them.

For you, that could mean working 60+ hours each week and pursuing big deals. But it might mean working just 20 hours… or fewer.

The point is that you should be happy with your work and with how much of it you’re doing.

That’s where our program comes in.

It seems like you have to do a million different things to build a consistent real estate business. That’s not true. If you do just do one activity every week, over time you will build a successful business.

Yep, we said just one activity. Not a long list of impossible “must do” tasks that you’ll never actually finish.

While completing our weekly activities, you’ll be building a business that fits your definition of success and makes you happy.

Sure, there are loads of free “tips” out there. However, you cannot build a business on tips alone.

Doing one focused activity a week is what we did when we built our real estate businesses.

In 1994, Pam O’Bryant got a job at a small real estate brokerage in San Antonio and started farming a neighborhood. It took a few months before she realized that “her” neighborhood was already being farmed by two established agents and that the turnover rate was – wait for it – 2.6%

But you know what’s crazy? The broker who hired her didn’t realize how pointless it all was. After all, they were the ones who sent her to that neighborhood!

The following year, Pam’s husband Rich joined her, and they joined KW to build a real estate business that actually made money.

Pam and Rich attended Gary’s first MREA Masterminds which resulted in the book the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Pam has been an agent, on the ALC, IALC, a Team Leader, the first person on the ground at KWUK, and General Manager. She has been a student of the MREA game since 1999.

Enter Brandon Green.

Brandon started in real estate in 2001. He door-knocked his way to $12 million in sold real estate during his first year in business. The next year, he was recognized as Rookie of the Year, eventually building a team that sells thousands of homes and is recognized as a top broker in the U.S.

By 2006, Brandon was with Keller Williams where he learned from the very best in the business and ended up building a massive sales and brokerage businesses with multiple locations and millions in revenue.

Did Pam, Rich, and Brandon make mistakes along the way?

You betcha. We also designed the program to not overwhelm you. One activity each week is manageable for anyone, whether you’re building a real estate empire or just a part-time practice that brings in consistent, predictable commissions.

Oh, and you’ll avoid all the mistakes we made when we built our businesses.

Aside from the affordable cost and spectacular results, that’s the best part. You enjoy all the benefits we enjoyed without the failures and disappointments.

Our mission is to help you build a real estate business that suits your schedule and makes you happy.

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About Pam O’Bryant

As Founder and Chief Content Officer of Real Estate on Purpose, I draw from decades of experience in sales, training, and coaching to reduce complex ideas into bite-sized pieces. That way, you actually get it. And you can build the sort of business you want to build.

I serve on the Keller Williams International Master Faculty and, along with Rich, am co-author of What to Do! A Real Estate Agent’s Gospel. We were among the masterminds whose work resulted in the bestselling book Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. I’m also fluent in Spanish. ¡Construyamos un negocio de bienes raíces que te hace contento!

Rich O'Bryant Headshot

About Rich O’Bryant

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, I joined Pam in real estate in 1995. As a Real Estate Coach with Real Estate on Purpose, I love helping new and experienced agents build the sort of practice they’ve always wanted.

Before embarking upon the real estate life, I spent 22 years in the Army as a Logistics Officer. I’m also a biblical scholar and author of The Gospels in Four Stories. Pam and I have been married for over 30 years and have 2 boys and 3 grandchildren.

About Brandon Green

I began my real estate career in 2001 and over the years my team has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate across the Washington D.C. area. In 2006, I co-founded Keller Williams Capital Properties and together with my partners, grew the business into a regional network of 8 offices, 1,200 associates, and more than 5,000 annual transactions.

As an entrepreneur and investor, I speak to groups around the world on topics such as leadership, business, and living a life with great purpose. I’m passionate about real estate and helping people build the life they want.

Start building a real estate business that makes you happy.