4 Ways to put Your Real Estate Business in 2021 Right Now.

October 11, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

What do you mean my real estate business should be in 2021 started already??

In real estate, we know that our actions today impact our business 90 days from now. For us, 2021 has already started. (doesn’t that make you feel better?)

So what should you do right now? This week?

Create your plan for your real estate business that is in 2021.

1. Get systemized.

Man working on his system for his real estate business in 2021.

If you’ve been resisting getting your calendar systematized, now is the time. You know, creating recurring appointments so you have a nice, solid standard week that you repeat 48 times per year. (Everyone needs vacations, and when you’ve done the activities, you will have earned them!)

Start by determining how many new appointments you need every week with a new buyer or seller. The objective of this appointment is to get a signed representation agreement. Showing appointments and follow ups don’t count. For most people 1-2 are plenty to make a very nice living – assuming you do them consistently, all 48 weeks.

2. Prep your calendar for your 2021 real estate business.

Syncing calendar to prepare for real estate business in 2021.

OK, now you know the number – start plugging them into your calendar. If you have a smart phone then Google Calendar should be your new best friend. Get consistent times when you hold them. So, if you need 2, create a recurring appointment on your calendar for every Monday at 4, Thursday at 2 and Saturday at 10 (a backup never hurts). Now when you’re speaking with someone you can say “I have time available Monday at 4 or Thursday at 2.”) Voila! You just did an alternative close!

3. Take action.

working on action steps for a real estate business in 2021

Great! You have your appointment blocks set, what’s next? The action steps to get those appointments! Never, ever put these words on your calendar: “Lead Generation” Why? Because they are too generic. When your calendar says “lead generation” it’s too easy to hem and haw, fiddle with paperwork, discover you desperately need a cup of coffee, etc.

How about on Mondays you block time to follow up with open house leads? Even if you didn’t hold an open house this week, there are probably people from previous open houses you should follow up with.

On Tuesday, block time to check in with all current clients. Give them updates, see if they have any questions, is there anything you can help with?

On Weds, if you’re holding an open house this coming weekend you could… well, you get the idea.

For us here at Real Estate on Purpose, that’s what “business planning” really means. It means putting into place the executable steps to achieve your goals.

So often we see business planning workshops that talk about “increase your business 25%” or “double your business.” While that may be your ultimate goal, the plan and action steps really are what will help you get more closings.

4. Set specific goals for your 2021 real estate business.

setting goals for a real estate business in 2021

When it comes to goal setting, we like to see a growth goal as well as a stretch goal. Think about your real estate business in 2021. The growth goal will require you to stay consistent and do the work while the stretch goal is just that – a stretch. And the business you did this year is only weakly connected to what you can do next year – provided you create the habits and structures to support your new goal starting now. That way you’re at full stride by the time January comes around.

And remember, for step by step support and a nice, gentle weekly “nudge” on what you should be doing to hit your goals, Real Estate on Purpose is only $49/mo. We’re here for you. Happy 2021!

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