Week 1 – Let’s get started!

Why start with open houses?

There are 5 really great reasons! Watch the video on the right to discover them.

This week’s action steps are:

  1. Get an open house (there are 3 ways!)
  2. Invite 25 people to your open house
  3. Read the safety handout

Open Houses are great business builders when you work a solid plan. The first step is to start winning at the door. Watch the video on the left to see how it sounds and then click here for your handout.

What does it really mean to “stay in touch”? We know that “like” doesn’t always equal “remember. Check out the video on the right on how to stay in touch without having “commission breath.” Then, here’s your handout to download.

Doing an effective Open House is our goal, and, your safety is paramount. See this for the basic safety rules.  

We happen to be in a crazy time right now. So take a moment to read “No Open Houses?” What else can you do to “hold an open house”?

  1. You can hold an open house “by appointment” – keeping in line with safety rules of your jurisdiction.
  2. You can do a virtual open house.
  3. You can get virtual tours of available homes and send them to advocates to show you are still a real estate agent.
  4. You can mail notes of encouragement to the neighbors.
  5. You can host virtual coffees, happy hours, showings, household tips.
  6. You can call to check in on area businesses to see how they’re doing and if there’s anything you can do to help.
  7. You can engage with anyone who shows up to these and build a relationship to help them when the world comes back to normal.