Week 2 – How’s Business = $$

Where solo agents can win big against teams:

This week’s action steps:

  1. Pick a CRM
  2. Text everyone whose name starts with A or W
  3. BONUS: Critique 5 Open Houses

To build your database of the “Golden 250” first put the names of everyone you know and as much information as you have on them in your CRM. Let’s call it the Database Project. See the video above.

What’s the FORD script and how do you use it? Check out the video on the right, then click here.

  • How often are you asked “How’s business?” We hear it on average 5-10 times every week. Want to make more money? Learn a great answer! Click here.
  • BONUS: Critique 5 Open Houses using this form to see how well your competition does them.

These first couple of weeks feel very content-heavy. And we promise not to send you more than you really need to put you on the path to consistent predictable business. We want you to start off strong! Happiness is often found on the path to fulfillment.