Week 36 – The magical 250

1. Call letters C & K – use your FORD script.

2. Pick one area to really nail!


Weren’t there enough last week?  ; )

Let’s take a moment this week to check in on your advocate database. Any idea how many advocates you had when you started? How many can you count as advocates now?

Given where you started and where you are today, how long will it take to reach those 250 that make your life magical? How many are you adding per week on average?

Of the almosts, how many of those are you converting to advocates every month? Knowing these numbers, what one thing should you add to your weekly schedule? Maybe it’s really, truly making those FORD calls? Maybe it’s taking a moment to nail your 9-touch follow up system? Pick one thing this week to tweak just a bit. Remember, that database of people that know, like and trust you as a real estate agent is your insurance policy for a business that truly makes you happy.