Author: Pam O'Bryant

Practice Makes Permanent! (Habits included)

Making good habits permanent. We often say that “practice makes perfect,” however I read the other day that practice really […]

Time Management in the time of Covid.

Rarely have I been so glad my children are both grown and have families of their own. They weren’t particularly […]

The COVID Mindset.

Thinking in threes I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been thinking in threes. What makes agents successful? Mindset, skills and habits. […]

How Ordinary Things Can Help You Create an Extraordinary Business

Half the agents I know are having the best year of their lives. The other half? Not so much. What, […]

What’s the big deal about open houses, anyways?

It’s no secret we here at Real Estate on Purpose love open houses – and there are 3 ways to […]

Mistake #5 – They Feel Overwhelmed and Don’t Take Action

It seems no matter where you look, everyone has advice for real estate agents. Do this! Don’t ever do that! […]

Mistake #4 They Work Harder, Not Smarter

One of my favorite things to teach is “Work smarter, not harder.” I start out by asking “what are the […]

Mistake #3 They Don’t Have a Solid Plan

When I started in real estate (back in the dark ages…) my broker said “there’s your desk, there’s the phone […]

Mistake #2 – They Listen to the Loudest Person in the Room.

Step 1: Spot “That Guy.” I’ve been in real estate just about all my adult life and one thing holds […]

Working Smarter, Not Harder.

Why conversion rates matter. There are a few almost “taboo” topics among real estate agents and “skills” seems to be […]

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