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The Dance 💃

You may have noticed that there are often many more things to do in a given day than there is […]

Time Management Doesn’t Exist — Time Blocking DOES

News Flash People: Time Management Doesn’t Exist. Let’s face it, you can’t slow down, or speed up, the clock (although […]

Execute the Plan

Over the past few weeks, I’ve really been noticing agents seem to completely forget that they have a plan. One […]

Sales Person vs. Consultant

Today during a coaching call, my client commented that her listing presentation wasn’t getting it done, it was too ‘sales-y’. […]

Confident Clients Decide Quicker

Can you imagine saying to a client, “Are you good enough to own this house?” I doubt it. Sane people […]

Open-ended Questions: the what’s and why’s

The ‘what’ part is easy, here is what Wikipedia says: “An open–ended question is a question that cannot be answered with a “yes” or […]

Professionals Perform in Public

Imagine that you are a home buyer. Your agent has given you and your spouse a detailed needs analysis, gone […]

Real Estate on Purpose Hero

Start building a real estate business that makes you happy.