Execute the Plan

May 4, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant
Why you should stick to the plan in place.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve really been noticing agents seem to completely forget that they have a plan. One that they created before the beginning of the year with a lot of thought and insight into what they wanted to accomplish – and how.

Sure, none of us saw this pandemic coming. We had no idea in January or February that we would lose most of the month of March and the entire month of April. That our world would look quite different today than it did then. However, the plan probably is still valid. Most of our plans are. We may, however, have to look at it from a slightly new angle.

Let’s say your plan involved farming. Well, you can still farm. If you had planned on door knocking, that might be off the list for right now. How about calling? Could you drop off flyers? What value can you provide your farm right now?  I would be looking into getting a shredding truck lined up for as soon as possible as restrictions ease. Many people have spent this time “cleaning out” and will have things they need shredded. This is a huge service!

Let’s say your plan involved your sphere of influence. Well, no big change required there, perhaps other than what events you do and how you do them. The plan itself doesn’t change, simply a few of the action items do.

If you’re stuck and really need a strong, simple, executable plan. Consider Real Estate on Purpose. We have put a lot of thought and decades of experience into creating a plan that works in any market. We give you the what to do as well as the how and why. All for less than $1/day.

What part of your plan is working best right now?

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