Have You Heard of Being Learning-Based?

September 25, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

Over the past several days, I’ve been posting videos of some of my “aha’s” from our recent, mid-year convention, Mega Camp. In normal years, I get together with 15-20,000 of my closest friends and we gather in Austin for a week of learning, networking and having fun. This year, however, we obviously couldn’t do that. However, the company was able to turn on a dime and provide an amazing learning experience, 100% virtually. This is how I became aware of learning-based tactics.

What is learning-based?

We talk a lot about books, classes and other learning experiences here. Why? Because the world is changing remarkably fast and it’s impossible to keep up without leaning on others. That’s why being learning based can be so helpful.

Some of the things I heard last week that I thought were really powerful:

“Successful people are playing an internal game of mastery vs thinking about winning” Keith Cunningham. He also asked a really powerful question. “If I gave you the chance to undo just 3 financial decisions you have made in your life, how much money could you have right now?” Some other insights from Keith Cunningham:

An idea is not a plan. A plan says “here is where we are and here is where we want to go – and how we’ll get there!”

Learning-based reinforces fundamentals.

Gary keller, executive chairman of the board of Keller Williams Realty discussing learning-based tactics.

Gary Keller “The fundamentals are more in play now than ever before – there is no wiggle room.” When you put that all together, what I’m hearing is “focus on mastering the fundamentals” and don’t get too fancy with your ideas. Have a solid plan and execute it at the master level.

How did folks speaking at Mega Camp adjust to the pandemic? They (I guess obviously) went virtual. But how? Well, one woman used to do “Brews and buying Home Buyer workshop.” When the brewery closed, how to execute still?  Zoom! They used Eventbrite, asked for a $5 donation to a local cause and carried on. Guess what! Their conversion rate increased!

If this isn’t your first blog, then you know what I’m going to say…

learning-based example of a time blocked calendar

It’s easy to get distracted right now, isn’t it? I learned that time blocking is the “secret sauce.” Check out our blog on time blocking. It’s amazing – when you time block and do the imperative things you need to feed your business, everything else truly will wait. Trust it. How’s this for a quote? “A small investment in discipline gives you freedom everywhere else.”  Ouch?

Here’s one! One woman relocated across the country and didn’t know a soul. She started a neighborhood facebook group. (not page!) Now, there were already 20-30 other groups, however she didn’t let that stop her. She started with the people she had met and asked them to invite others. (no other real estate agents allowed.)

Want the step by step?

  1. Create a FB group
  2. Make yours better than any other
  3. Add lots of value and be consistent in your posting
  4. No politics, religion – make it a safe place to connect

Social media can have the tendency to be a little “airy-fairy” yet with work, you really can make it lead generate!

Last one: Why do scripts matter? My favorite answer was “scripts allow you to be 100% present and truly listen to the clients’ concerns.” My favorite script? “What is your impression of the market right now?”  Ohhh, that one is so good! It lets you discover any misconceptions before you go into presentation mode!

OK, your turn. What’s the just one thing you can implement from this list? Go do it!

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