Hold Agents Able vs. Accountable

December 2, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

What’s the big deal about accountability, anyways?

For starters, research shows that success is determined 10% by the clarity of your goals. Another 10% by the specificity of your action plan. The other 80% is by having someone you tell you’re going to do the work who checks – accountability. The issue for coaches becomes, “how do I provide accountability without the negativity?”

I’ve been playing with new language around accountability lately – try this on. “I hold people able to keep their promises and hit their goals.” Feels way better than “I’m going to hold you accountable” (or “I’m going to blame you”) doesn’t it?

Accountable vs. Able

Now, we don’t want to just love people into failure and “accountability” feels really harsh. That’s where holding someone “able” comes in. It’s like holding up the best version of that person for them. It’s to see them not letting themselves down.

When it comes to letting someone down, the first person most of us will let down is ourselves. Think about it. You make a commitment to go to the gym. Unless someone is meeting you there, or better, arriving at your house to go with you, how likely are you to go that morning after not sleeping well the night before? Or you have a “little cough and better take it easy today.” When you’ve committed to meeting someone there, you push through it.

I had a friend who used to say “I refuse to co-sign your crap.” In other words, I’m not going to let you let yourself down. What a lovely thing for a friend (or coach!) to do! This is a great way to hold friends and/or agents accountable without that blame language.

Start with your why.

Where to start? How about start with Why. (H/T Simon Sinek). You can check out his TedTalk on this. When the why is clear, the how is easy. So often when we’re not getting done the things we know we need to do. It’s because the discomfort of the activity is much more present than the promise of what we gain when we push through the discomfort.  Really, how hard is it to do care calls to people who care about you? Seriously, not that hard. However, we allow the discomfort of making that call stop us from achieving what we get when we are really successful.

Try these questions on for size.

When I’m wildly successful, what do I get?

When I’m wildly successful, what does my family get?

When I’m wildly successful, what does my community get?

When I’m wildly successful, what does the world get?

When your coaching clients have powerful answers to those questions, you have exactly what you and they need to honor their commitments.

Real Estate On Purpose want you to give it a shot. Try holding someone able this week. See how it changes their world!

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