How Ordinary Things Can Help You Create an Extraordinary Business

July 29, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

Half the agents I know are having the best year of their lives.

The other half? Not so much.

What, then, is the difference? It looks to come down to one significant difference. Ordinary Things.

The agents who are crushing it kept working during Covid. They still called their advocates. They still did open houses (albeit differently). They still worked on their skills and they absolutely worked every single day on their mindset.

We’ve been hearing from agents that “we can’t do open houses, there’s a pandemic!” OK, you are correct. However, many agents did them virtually, or did virtual tours, or…. You see, the “what they did” didn’t really matter as much as “that they did.” What they did not do was take a Corona-cation. And the best news is that if you happen to have taken that little vacay, in a relatively short time, you can be right up there with people having the best year of their lives, too!

Implement Ordinary Things into your daily lifestyle.

In Keith Cunningham’s book The Road Less Stupid, he has a whole chapter dedicated to “Ordinary things, consistently done, create extraordinary results.” I wonder how many agents having extraordinary results right now simply did consistent, ordinary things all through March, April and May.

What types of things, you might ask? Well, the kinds of things Real Estate on Purpose is built on. Building and deepening your relationship with your advocates (and developing more advocates), doing open houses (whatever version of them works in your market today), building their skills, creating a strong morning ritual that helps them make the best use of your time and provides a regular “mindset check.”

This is what we call “The Dance” at Real Estate on Purpose, the perfect combination between building skills and applying them, check out that blog for some quick insights.

Do you have the right mindset?

Maybe the biggest difference between the agents having a spectacular year and those who aren’t really comes down to mindset. They saw the pandemic and looked for opportunity. They knew that people need real estate help in every single market, all the time. My mom sold real estate in the last 70’s and 80’s when interest rates were 18%. And people still bought and sold homes.

Ordinary things, consistently done. You have an option reading that, too. You can say “yeah, but that’s boring.” Or “Isn’t that handy?” When you embrace the idea of “ordinary things,” now you can create a weekly calendar that pulls you through a powerful week, week after week.

Ever hear of time blocking? (It’s. A. Lifesaver.) Clockify is dedicated to time tracking software. Here is a link to free downloadable templates for time blocking. Read our article then see which template fits your business and work style.

Source: HeyDonna

I get it, Decision Fatigue is real right now.

I honestly believe we are suffering from a terrible case of “Decision Fatigue.” We are constantly having to make decisions and it wears us down. My heart goes out to parents who have to decide what to do about school this fall. We have to decide what to prepare for 3 meals per day, whether to wear pants 😅, whether to get up or sleep in, how to spend the whole day.

When we realize about “ordinary things,” we can use just a little will power once to create that powerful calendar that gets everything done we need, and choose, to do. We know we run out of will power so using it where it matters most can be a game changer.

This week, find a little space to create your calendar of “ordinary things.” If you need help, Real Estate on Purpose is all about creating the mindset, skills and habits – built on those ordinary things – to create an extraordinary business.

You got this!

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