Market Center Leadership

Tailored Content For Your
Market Center Productivity Program

Struggling to create Dependent Model Productivity Program training that won’t break the bank? Do your Inter-Dependent Agents need some help implementing the MREA?

Real Estate On Purpose has been designed to be the content for your Market Center Productivity Program.

It is the Millionaire Real Estate Agent in practice and works for solo and team agents.

While ideally the program is supported by a staff member or Productivity Coach who can provide accountability and one on one support, it runs on its own if you’re in between coaches.

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Package Details


Kickoff meeting to assist with implementation.


Customization for your market center including videos from your leadership team


Monthly usages reports so you can see who is doing the work.


Monthly masterminds with Productivity Coaches to support their coaching programs.

Package Pricing

Please note: A one-time $500 customization set-up fee applies to all packages.
Only one subscription can be used by one person at a time, the market center can reassign the subscription to different agents throughout the year.

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