Sales Person vs. Consultant

February 3, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

Today during a coaching call, my client commented that her listing presentation wasn’t getting it done, it was too ‘sales-y’. “It seems my clients don’t get a chance to talk.” She said. I wish this was an unusual situation.

The solution comes when you decide which side of the table you sit on.

A salesperson sits across from the client and explains what she can do for the prospective seller. A consultant sits on the same side of the table and does two things. First, she understands what the client’s goal is; why sell now? What does the client need from the sale? (Money, time, security, relief, etc.) After listening, asking clarifying questions, making notes, and understanding the client’s needs, the agent then discusses the process. He addresses every point of fear the seller will face. These points of fear are obvious to us but not to most clients. And dealing with them is actually our main value proposition.

The points fear are issues like correct pricing, contract paperwork/negotiations, title work, inspections/repairs, title work, closing and the hundred little details mixed up in these issues.

So take out telling folks how great you are and discuss what they need to know. Sit on their side of the table because as a consultant you will be with them till it’s over. Let your clients see, know, and feel you care about them!

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