The Secret Key to Productivity in Real Estate

November 3, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

The key to productivity in real estate is in the “little bits.”

There was a really interesting study done not too long ago that demonstrated how we, as humans, devalue the “little bits.” Researchers found that even the most dedicated recyclers, when confronted with a small scrap of paper, put that scrap in the trash rather than the recycling. Now, when the big bits of paper get to the recycling center, they are going to be turned into little bits, so why throw away the one that’s already small?

The rich man watches the nickels.

Because we devalue things that seem that small. Have you heard the saying “rich man watches the nickels?” By making sure they never waste a nickel, they automatically aren’t wasting the dollars. The same holds true for time and productivity in real estate.

During our daily routines, we have “little bits” of time. 5 minutes here waiting in line. 10 minutes because our client was late. 15 minutes stuck in traffic. You get the idea. The deal is, what can we do with these little bits of time, if we only planned a bit for them?

Productivity in bite size pieces.

I like to create a list every couple of days of things that I need to do that will only take “a little bit” of time. Things like writing thank you notes or notes of gratitude. People I need to call. Log in and pay bills. Delete or organize old emails. Enter a few expenses into QuickBooks

There are so many things we can do with those little bits of time, so what are the best practices?

Find time for productivity in your daily routine.

Running Real Estate On Purpose definitely takes up a lot of time during my day. Yet I still find ways to get things done. First, start with things you can do while driving. If you have people you need to call, make sure you have their number programmed. If you have errands to run, will they take you by a house you sold? Could you pop by to say “hi”? Or just call and say “I was just driving by your house and it made me think of you.”

Then, things while waiting in line or while parked. I like to have a handful of notecards (with stamps) with me wherever I go so I can write one out real quick if I have a few minutes to spare. Most of us can log in to our banking app and pay bills while waiting in line.

Lastly are the things I need to be in front of my computer to do. Things like planning my call list for FORD calls. Making sure I have those contacts in my phone. Looking at where I’ll be and if there are any businesses I should visit to build relationships with them along my way. Download the latest business book from the library app. (If you don’t use Libby, you’re missing out! 95% of the books I hear about I can get, even if there is occasionally a short wait time. And they have audio books, too!)

Add your productivity your way.

Tomorrow morning, while you’re having your coffee, get out a notepad (or your notes app) and jot down a quick list of all the little things that need to get done. I gave you some of my examples, but by all means, make this your own. The more personal you make this to your schedule the more likely you’ll be able to do it! The next time you’re stuck waiting for a client, or in traffic, knock one out. It’s so nice to get things done in that “found” time. And you’ll feel great knowing you are making great use of all of your time!

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