The Dance 💃

May 19, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

You may have noticed that there are often many more things to do in a given day than there is time available to do it. One of the hardest things about real estate is that it’s just about impossible to be “done.” In the midst of all the whirlwind, where does training fit in? How about time to actually “do”? Well, we see it as a dance. There’s an art to being able to gracefully flow between learning and doing.

So often we see agents head-down, really focused on learning everything they can. And that’s not a bad thing in itself. However, too much learning without doing leads to “broke.” Conversely, occasionally we see agents who just jump right in, not worrying about best practices and getting better. At best this leads to poor results, at worst, it can lead to real estate jail. How to balance those?

I’m sure this will be a shock to those who know me, I believe the answer is in time blocking. Making sure you have time on your calendar every month for both learning AND doing. Learn, then implement. Implement, review what went wrong, then learn. It’s a dance. And much like a dance, you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth between the two.When blocking your calendar, keep these 3 rules in mind.

source: clockify.me

When blocking your calendar, keep these 3 rules in mind:

1.       All work expands to fill the time allowed (don’t block longer than you really need)

2.       If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist (write it ALL down)

3.       It’s not about selling real estate, it’s about following a schedule (if it’s important enough to do, it’s important enough to schedule. Plus James Clear in his book Atomic Habits says you’re more likely to actually do something when you write down when you’ll do it.)

The more specific the better.

When looking at your calendar, be sure you have time every week for both doing and learning. Our recommendation is to be super specific with what you put on your calendar. For example, don’t say “lead generation from 9-12”. That leads to you sitting down at your desk, looking at your calendar and wondering what in the world you should be doing. Instead, consider putting “scripts role playing from 8:30-9:00.”  Then give yourself a little break. Get a glass of water. “Call 5 past clients from 9:15-10:00.”  The more specific you are, the more likely you are to follow your calendar.

It may be tempting to take this time of lockdown for learning and avoiding doing. That would be a mistake. There is approximately 3 months’ lag-time between the activities you do and the results you see in real estate. Sure, some things can happen a bit faster and yet, it still takes time to get through the process from finding the client to getting paid. That’s why dancing is more important than ever right now. Not sure what to do? Our Real Estate on Purpose program gives you the activities AND the learning each and every week.

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