Mistake #2 – They Listen to the Loudest Person in the Room.

June 8, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant
Part 2 of 5.

Step 1: Spot “That Guy.”

I’ve been in real estate just about all my adult life and one thing holds true in every office I’ve been part of or even visited. In every state and even in other countries, there’s always “that guy” in the office that hangs out in the bullpen and pontificates. Sorry, no other word for it. You know, putting on the Caesar pose, standing tall, you can almost see the hand tucked into the toga.

When I was still a new agent that guy was Jim. Jim was early to the office and late to leave. He was always to be found at the coffee pot, where the donuts were or in the workroom enthralling new agents with his vast and deep wisdom. I often wondered how he ever sold anything as I never saw him leave the office or meet clients. He rarely if ever picked up the phone. Clearly I was missing something.

Step 2: Don’t listen to “That Guy.”

Jim was an expert at everything one needs to do to sell real estate – I know because he told me. However, I realized I never saw his name on the sales board so I looked into it. Jim sold a whopping 1-2 homes per year. Not per month – per year!

Hmmm. The lesson was “just because he talks a good game and sounds confident doesn’t mean much.” I started to look for role models who actually sold homes. Who were going where I wanted to go. I realized there were two key things I was looking for.

  1. Did they sell?
  2. Can they effectively teach others?

I met many, many agents who had good businesses, however they weren’t even sure how they were doing it, much less be able to show someone else. I met a few who were really good teachers, yet lacked the solid hands-on experience I was looking for. I wanted someone who had both.

Step 3: Find Someone Who Talks Less and Does More.

Luckily I was in the right place at the right time. Gary Keller, back in 1999, started 2 small mastermind groups. Sure, it was expensive, but to get the chance to be in a small room with Gary Keller?? I jumped at the chance. Wow oh wow. Intense! Not only had he been a really successful agent, he was building the #1 real estate company in the world. Talk about a track record of success!

That was when I really started “getting it.” We went about putting systems and structures in place so we really had a “business” rather than a hobby. We learned from the best and followed what they did and it worked! In 1998 we had sold right around 20 homes, then 40 in 1999, 60 in 2000 and 72 in 2001.

Step 4: Let Real Estate On Purpose Help You Succeed.

When you’re ready to follow someone who has been there and done that, look at Real Estate on Purpose. Brandon and I have a track record of success (he was Rookie of the Year in 2001, selling $12M his first year!) and we’re both KW International Master Faculty. Nothing delights us more than seeing someone implement Real Estate on Purpose and create consistent, predictable income for themselves and their family.

Real Estate on Purpose Hero

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