Time Management? No. Time Blocking? YES

May 11, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

News Flash People: Time Management Doesn’t Exist. Time blocking does!

man stressed due to lack of time blocking.

Let’s face it, you can’t slow down, or speed up, the clock (although who wants to speed it up other than a child who is “x and 3/4 years old” just waiting for the birthday?). No, we can’t manage time. We can, however, manage our activities. We can choose what gets our attention and what doesn’t. I like to think about time in two ways:

1. Annually

Annually for the things like doctor and dental visits. Vacations. Big things that happen a few times a year.

2. Weekly

Weekly because I know I’m more efficient and effective when I have one week that I replicate week after week after week. 

The Power of Time Blocking

example of time blocking on a calendar

You may have noticed that in real estate it’s hard to know when you’re “done” right? There always seems to be something else that needs to to happen. So I like to start with blocking out the new appointments I need for the week in order to stay on track for my goals. For most of us, if we have just two appointments every week with a new seller or new buyer, we’ll hit our goals. So, when do you want those to happen? Block out two places on your calendar for them. NOW your job is to fill them with specific lead generation activities. When they’re full (and maybe one for a back up if your conversion rates require), then you’re done. Congrats! Go play golf, goof off, read a fun book – whatever! 

4 Quick Tips for Calendar Blocking:

  1. Block out more time then you need. Giving yourself a 45 min – 1 hour cushion time will help you stay on task if something runs late, goes over etc.
  2. Personalize your Calendar to work for you. Do you like white space on your calendar? Do you want a color for the white space on your calendar? The purpose of blocking out time is to be productive. Get crazy with your calendar, do what works for you.
  3. Have multiple Calendars if necessary. If using Google Calendars, you can click “Add Calendar” for another calendar. Having multiple calendars allows for easy color coding. You can see what your day looks like in a quick glance.
  4. Give yourself a break. Calendars are super fun right?! Don’t go calendar crazy without scheduling time for a break, some relaxation, a cool down, ahem…lunch.

Keep building out your week. You have the appointments, you ask the right questions, you have specific lead generation activities. What about paperwork and administrative time? What does your morning look like? A powerful business starts with a powerful morning, See how successful people start their day, and even year in this Forbes article about powerful mornings.

Step by step, you can manage yourself right into a routine that will build a real estate business that makes you happy!

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