Two Words: Business Planning.

November 27, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Business planning time!

I just love this time of year when there’s a new year on the horizon, full of opportunities. Now, how to best take advantage of those so I don’t look back in December next year and regret my lack of activity?

Lots of people use the GPS or 1-3-5. I personally like to encourage a separate 1-3-5 for lead generation. When people put the words “Lead generation” on their calendar, they get up in the morning, look at those words and get stuck. “What should I do??” So, they go get another cup of coffee, find someone to chat with or default to social media.

Let’s get specific with lead generation.

By doing a lead generation specific 1-3-5 with the 1 overriding goal, the 3 “pillars” of lead generation and the 5 action steps, now we can create a powerful calendar that is more likely to let us achieve our goals. If I open my calendar and it says “call everyone whose name starts with P,” it’s pretty clear exactly what I should be doing right now.

A business planning don’t.

I see people who spend a lot of time creating a beautiful GPS, only to “set it on the shelf” never to be looked at again. That could work, so long as you have transferred all those action steps to the calendar. A few things to remind folks as you work with them to transfer their GPS to the calendar.

  • All work expands to fill the time allowed.
  • Don’t block more than around 50-60% of your day/week.
  • Be crazy-specific. If it’s DTD2, which letters are they this week?
  • Remember to add planning/prep time.
  • If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist.
  • It’s not about selling real estate; it’s about following a schedule!

Keep in mind!

Another tool I like to employ to ensure I hit my business planning goals is to be clear on what I get when I hit them. I look at this in 4 ways:

  1. When I’m wildly successful in real estate, what do I get? (it might be a feeling)
  2. When I’m wildly successful in real estate, what does my family get?
  3. When I’m wildly successful in real estate, what does my community get?
  4. When I’m wildly successful in real estate, what does the world get?

It seems we talk a lot about the “big why,” yet most of us are unclear on what ours is. These questions can help us access what we, and the people we care about, get when we do the work. I have one person who has created one of those thermometer trackers with a photo of their dream vacation home at the top. Then, when one of the kids wants mom to stop working to pay attention to them, she can ask, “is this worth us moving the date for our vacation house further away?”

Enlist help, be clear on what you want and how you’ll get there and let your coach help hold you “able” to hitting those goals. Smell that? It’s opportunity in the air!

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