Winter is Coming…How your Habits Can Help.

October 30, 2020 | Written by: Pam O'Bryant

Winter is coming…Are you stocked up on your good habits?

2020 has been a heavy, difficult year for many of us. The conversations we’re having pretty often right now are about “how to stay motivated through the winter.” Here’s the thing. I don’t believe there’s enough motivation in the world to get the “average guy” through this winter. What will get us through are our habits.

We know from the book The ONE Thing, that willpower is limited and runs out quickly. So then, how do we create powerful habits that only require enough willpower to get us to start so the habits pull us through our day?

Good habits need willpower, a Gary Keller quote.

How to effectively work on your habits.

At Real Estate on Purpose, we advocate creating a tremendously powerful week and replicating it 48 times over the course of the year. When we take the time to pre-plan our priorities, we can ensure the most powerful, impactful things we need to do actually get done. Similar to creating creating your calendar, start by putting in time for your weekly appointments with new buyers or sellers. When you consistently meet with 2 new potential buyers or sellers and convert at around 70% of those to a representation agreement. And 70% of those go on to close, you’ll net 6-figures in most real estate markets.

But how do habits work into this? Well, following a routine can feel boring (go ahead, admit it – we’ve all been there). Therefore, creating the habit of following your calendar might just be the difference this winter between hitting your goals or simply feeling like you can’t get the energy to anything.

Cure to bad habits? Time Blocking.

Good habits are time blocking your calendar.

You have probably “time blocked” your calendar in the past and then realized you never followed it. A couple of hacks might help.

  1. First, never block more than 50-60% of your week. We’re in real estate. It’s an interruption-driven business.
  2. Second, block short, specific blocks of time. Really specific! Such as “Call everyone whose name starts with M and use the FORD script.”
  3. Give yourself breaks. For most of us, our focus muscle is weak. In other words, we need to build it up like any other muscle. Start with 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off.
  4. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and call for 20 minutes. Use a timer. Then set the timer for 10 minutes and walk around, do some light exercise, etc. Then do it again. And again. And again.

This is where the willpower part of the equation comes in. Use your willpower to do whatever it says to do on your calendar. We’re taking the “what to do” off your plate so you can focus on the “how to do it at the highest possible level.”

The first 8 activities to add when time-blocking.

How to get started? I use an online calendar. I like to create a new, blank one as a sample to work on. After that, I add things in the following order:

  1. Appointment blocks
  2. Lead generation (very specific activities!)
  3. Time off/family requirements
  4. Follow up with current clients
  5. Showing times
  6. Paperwork/admin times
  7. Study/practice/reading time
  8. Meals

Make a commitment to yourself to practice creating your perfect work week over the next week or so. Then, as the dark of winter really sets in, you can use your willpower to follow your plan. Give it a shot – and let us know how it works for you!

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