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Flip Your Finances in 100 Days:

Profitability Program with Brandon Green

About Brandon

In 2006, Brandon co-founded the Keller Williams Capital Properties real estate organization and together with his partners built it into a regional network of 8 offices and $2 billion in annual sales in a little more than a decade. Nationally recognized for business growth and achievement, he dealt with countless stakeholders and managed a wide diversity of people in an industry that is undergoing massive structural and economic change. You can find out more information about Brandon by going to www.brandongreen.com.


For Real Estate Professionals Brandon offers a Financial Consulting Package which is a 12-week program designed to advance clear financial objectives set by the participates. For example, some participates want to set up financial systems such as profit and loss statement reporting. Others want to understand the financial reports being produced by their financial professionals. Others need guidance on debt, revenue management, and business structures. Please note Brandon is not a CPA, a licensed or certified Financial Planner, and is not an attorney. He will refer you to those professionals and will bring to the conversation his practical business experience and expertise.

About The Program

Flip Your Finances in 100 Days:

Profitability Program with Brandon Green

For the first several years Brandon really struggled financially. While he was making a lot of gross income, he wasn’t keeping much and to make matters worse he got behind on his taxes.

Somewhere along the way his coach told him his financial ambition did not match his financial education and he needed to change that. The coach was right, and so Brandon started the journey.

Today, Brandon’s personal coaching is focused is on how to build a business with profit as the goal. Getting to that point though requires a lot of hands on work and so twice a year he runs a 100 day Flip Your Finances program where he rolls up his sleeves and works with no more than 12 agents one on one to really advance their financial goals.

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