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100 Days to Finally Getting your

Lead Generation System Together

with Pam O’Bryant

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As Founder and Chief Content Officer of Real Estate on Purpose, I draw from decades of experience in sales, training, and coaching to reduce complex ideas into bite-sized pieces. That way, you actually get it. And you can build the sort of business you want to build.

I serve on the Keller Williams International Master Faculty and, along with Rich, am co-author of What to Do! A Real Estate Agent’s Gospel. We were among the masterminds whose work resulted in the bestselling book Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. I’m also fluent in Spanish. ¡Construyamos un negocio de bienes raíces que te hace contento!

About The Program

100 Days to Finally Getting your

Lead Generation System Together

with Pam O’Bryant

How many years have you said, “This is the year I clean up my database!”


Sadly, the data bears out, you’re not alone. 90% of buyers said they would work with their agent again, yet only 12% did (ouch!) 87% of sellers said they would, 27% did. Better and still painful. Turns out, they can’t remember how to find you.

The average real estate agent has 250 people in their database. Following the model, that means you should be closing around 40 houses. If you’re not doing that right now, that’s the opportunity. Pam knows how to help you get it!

Pam has been coaching agents all over the country and knows how to get your lead generation system where it needs to be. If you’re finally ready to make this happen, apply here and we will set up a discovery call. This program launches every 90 days or so, get on the list now.

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